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5 essential Tools and Apps to grow Small Business in 2021

5 essential tools and apps to grow small business in 2021

In 2021 it’s more important now than ever before to transition your small business to a digital environment. Nowadays, there are many marketing apps and tools on the market for small businesses. online to assist with the digital growth of your small business.

I’m excited to share with you our top five essential marketing tools and one payment tool for any small business in 2021.

Now, these five tools that we’re going to discuss in today’s Blog will support your small business in many vital areas of marketing, such as content marketing, email marketing, understanding your analytics, creating marketing materials and also enhancing your online presence now just quickly, guys before we cover each of these marketing tools consider subscribing if you haven’t done so already and that way you’ll stay updated with actionable videos and tutorials designed to equip you with the skills knowledge and tools to grow your small business online and with that quick note let’s go ahead and get stuck into the top five essential marketing tools for your small business in 2021

Mailchimp or Klaviyo :-

Firstly one of the most important online activities for small businesses is to engage in email marketing. Building an email list for each audience or market that you service and delivering content via email is powerful for establishing a solid and loyal following. Two essential marketing tools for email marketing include Mailchimp and klaviyo. Both tools offer a free plan that is easy to use and allow you to build an email list and launch email campaigns, and have other essential marketing features.

Mailchimp is an all-around tool for any small business wanting to get started with email marketing. On the other hand, we have klaviyo, which is ideal for e-commerce businesses that sell products online mainly if you use Shopify to build your online store then klaviyo is the right tool for you okay now one of the most important reasons for engaging in email marketing and building an email list is that if your business shuts down unexpectedly for any reason for example because of a pandemic, then you still have your email list of all your customers or followers.

You can remain engaging and communicating with your audience with updates and changes, so look at getting started with Mailchimp or klaviyo, depending on your business requirements next on our list of top marketing tools for small businesses.

Hubspot CRM :-

Is Hubspot CRM is an all-in-one free customer relationship management software that allows you to build up your client base and manage your customers and marketing campaigns. You can also engage in your email marketing through Hubspot or integrate this with Mailchimp depending on the tool that best works for you. HubSpot is easy to use and gives you a place to manage all your interactions with prospects and customers. HubSpot is a great option for both CRM activities and marketing activities.

Google Analytics:-

The third on our list today is google analytics now. This is one of the essential marketing tools for small businesses , because understanding the analytics on your websites, such as website performance and visitor behaviour, allows you to optimize your marketing activities as you can interpret what is working and what is not working on your website

google analytics is free to install on your website and is a relatively straightforward process to install as well as being easy to interpret and understand

fourth on our list of top marketing tools in 2021

Canva :-

Is canva now canva has got to be one of my favorite free marketing tools available online canva is an all-in-one design tool that allows you to design and create essentially any marketing materials that you like from social media content to posters and brochures.

Canvas stands out from other design tools because of the easy to use interface it’s free to use, and you have access to thousands of pre-made templates, making it super easy for anyone, even those that have zero design experience, to create the designs that they like therefore canva is an essential marketing tool to help you create attractive professional and engaging marketing content.

 Google My Business:-

Google my business is vital for local businesses to google my business is free to set up and essentially list your local business on google maps and google search as a practical listing that visitors can find online and either call your business find your business location or head over to your website you can also create updates in the form of posts through google my business you can build a basic website and add images to showcase your products or services now for a local business this marketing tool, more importantly, helps increase your online

And last but not least we need to ( Use for payment Purpose )

Razorpay Payments – Easily Accept Online Payments:-

Introducing  Razorpay Payments new converged payment solution that addresses the entire length and breadth of the payment journey designed to control the flow of money recipe route provides an efficient and 2n solution for businesses to manage marketplaces split payments and facilitate vendor payouts businesses

now boast of more operational efficiency be capable of real-time splitting easily scale and have complete control over an automated money flow built to automate recipe smart collect reduces manual intervention has all collections through bank transfers are reconciled in one place businesses can now automate any FD or RTGS  reconciliations in real-time all in an API driven environment increasing transparency for incoming payments developed to benefit businesses with recurring billing models razor-faced subscriptions helps manage scheduled payments create different pricing plans and track all payment activity from a single subscriptions platform enterprises can benefit from razor-faced subscriptions with its flexible and a fully managed billing platform designed as an interactive solution raiser pay invoices efficiently collects payments from customers this solution ensures GST compliance supports multiple modes of payment and is effective for SMEs that don’t have a website or an app so welcome to a truly digital India with Razorpay Payments let’s revolutionize payments.

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