Esports|Best Pubg Player Of India

Esports|Best Pubg Player Of India

Esports | Best Pubg Player Of India ---

1. Mortal

Real name for mortal Naman Sandeep Matur. PUBG ID is Mortal. Name of the teamSouL.Naman Sandeep Matur, better known as MortaL or the founder of PUBG Mobile India, is a popular player and leader in PUBG Mobile. SouL, a renowned organization that focuses on PUBG mobile for Indian Esports, is also owned by Mathur. YouTube is his preferred streaming site.

A large following has been built for MortaL on social media. SouL & MortaL did not perform well in recent tournaments. We will be watching to see what this legend does in the future. With his talent, he is ranked in the top 10 PUBG players India 2021. If you want to Read Biography of Mortal checkout this Article: MORTAL BIOGRAPHY

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2. Yash (VipeR)

Real name isYash soni. PUBG ID:VipeR. Team name isSouL. He is the second SouL athlete to be highlighted on this List. This young prodigy loves WWE and Randy Orton. He fell madly for VipeR, and it stayed with him throughout. VipeR blows away the Series at PUBGMobile India Series 2019.

He has a large following and is involved in many charitable streams. It would be fascinating for him to continue his success while remaining active in the PUBG community.

3. Harpreet Sharma Janjuha (RonaK).

Real name isHarpreet Sing Janjuha. PUBG ID:RonaK. Name of the teamFnatic. RonaK, along with two other gamers, was part of the winning PUBG mobile India Series 2019. After starting his career in SouL’s FPS division, he looks up at Shroud. RonaK has signed with Fnatic – an established European esports group that has won titles in every vertical.

They are now the first global Esports team in India. Fnatic’s role as a Supporter and Rifler helped it become a strong player in Indian Esports. RonaK also won PUBG All-Stars India in 2019. His skill is what makes him the best PUBG player in india.

4. Manmeet Singh [Ted]

Real name isManmeet singing. PUBG player ID:Ted.Your team name isSynerGE. Ted could be mistakenly name as the fluffy bear from the movies. But Ted is the highlight of the list primarily for his current PUBG World League performances, while being one kill charts member.

Team SynerGE has Ted as their attacker. His primary role is to engage teams in fights they may not be able to take part. Ted is now an integral member of the Global Esports Set-up. He joined the team with SynerGE at the start of 2020.

5. Shekhar patil (Smokie).

Real name isShekhar Patel. PUBG ID:Smokie. The team name isNovaLike. Smokie, a veteran player on the PUBG Esports scene has been playing with Nova GodLike. GodLike won PUBG Club Open -Spring Split 2020. India showed great flexibility in its first tournament, and remained unbothered in every battle.

Nova GodLike is now one of the most respected esports organizations in the world thanks to his role as Nova GodLike’s in-game leader.

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