PUBG Ban In India How Teenager Will Going To React

PUBG Ban In India How Teenager Will Going To React

PUBG Ban In India How Teenager Will Going To React

PUBG (Player known’s Battleground) is a multiplayer online game designed by Bredan Green, developed and published by PUBG Corporation, a South Korean Video game company named Bluehole. It was first released on 20th December 2017 for Microsoft Windows. Later on, 19th March 2018, it was officially launched for the Android iOS version. PubG got much fame within a short period, with 54 million downloads in just 2020.  

PUBG became both boon and a curse for Indian youth. 

It gave the marvelous opportunity to streamers as an earning platform, and it was the key reason for the drastic change in the Indian esport zone with huge prizes and changing them to sharp their esport skills. On the other hand, it played a curse for youth and parents as well. It was analyzed that many people got extreme addiction to this game. Some even tend to commit crimes and by suicide. Even young boys, about 14-17 years boys had started stealing from their parent’s bank accounts. Addiction to PUBG leads half of the youth to degradation of their psychological stability with health issues too.  Sooners, PUBG became a growing concern for parents and the Government as the youth indulged in negativity.  

Why was PUBG banned in India?  

On 29th June 2020, while India was fighting the pandemic, our government decided to ban 115 Chinese apps, including PUBG, due to the cold relationship between India and China. 

Repercussions of PUBG ban in India

Ban on PUBG hit hard on youth. Some accepted the reason behind the banning of PUBG, but the other half have agonized with Government. Social media got flooded with aggressive as well as poignant comments. Not only Indian youth got scattered; even China faced immense loss after that. 

How India cope up with the PUBG ban?  

 Nevertheless, the Indian Government brought a new scheme of “Atma Nirbhar Bharat App Innovation Challenge ” to encourage youth to show their esports skills. Soon after, PUBG ban Call of Duty and Free fire gained popularity and replaced PUBG. While India, which never lags, launched a new India PUBG version named FAU-G. It is developed by. It comes under Atma Nibhar Bharat App Innovation Challenge