What Are The Action Games? And How’s It Played?

What Are The Action Games? And How’s It Played?

Games (mobile games, video games & action games) is a typically played in any terms. like portable devices, together with the mobile phone or smartphone, tablet, gaming console, portable media player or graphing calculator, with or without networkability.

In the 1997 1st Nokia launched the very successful game snake. And from then it became one of the most played game and found on more than 300 million devices worldwide. It was also the 1st two player game for mobile phones. Today generation usually download games from an app store as well as from mobile operator’s portals.

What is Multiplayer’s mobile games?

Most of the mobile games support multiple players, by remotely over a network or locally via Bluetooth, Wi-Fi, or alike technology. There are many ways for playing multiple player games on mobile phones, like tournaments, turn-based tournaments, live tournaments random players from all over the world are play together to compete. 

Types of the Games

There are umpteen types of games in the world, but we have divided them in some categories like:

  • Action 
  • Arcade 
  • Battle Royal 
  • Board
  • Racing 
  • Strategy

What are the Action games?

Basically, the action games are those games that emphasizes physical challenges, including our hands movements, eye coordination, and our reaction timing, how fast we react. This genre reckons in a various variety of sub-genres, such as fighting games, shooting games, hunting games, platform games. Multiplayer games like online battle arena and some real- time strategy games are considered action games as well.

In the action games, the player generally controls a character (his/her player) in the form of main character or avatar. This player main character must navigate the level, collect objects, avoid obstacles, and fight with enemies with their powers and skills, and weapons or tools. At the end of the games or level the main character must often defeat a boss enemy that is more difficult from others levels and a great opponent in the game’s story.

The great antagonist attacks and obstacles exhaust the main character’s lives and health, and the main character get out of the game (game over) when they run out of lives.

On the other hand, the main character gets to the boss level of the game by ending a series of levels to complete a final level, and get the rewards. But some Action games, such as early arcade games, are unstoppable and have an infinity numbers of levels. In these types of games, the main character only goal is being to get as far as they can to maximize their score.

Levels Of The Action Games

Player go through an action games by finishing the levels. Levels are often in grouped by theme, with alike graphics and enemies called a world.

Character abilities

In most of the action games, the main character controls a single avatar. The main character has the ability to fight with the enemies, collect or manipulates the objects. Shoot, attack, defense, punch and have some powerful attacks.

Obstacles and enemies 

In the action games that require navigating a space, player will save himself from obstacles, traps, and enemies. A great enemy has a special weapon or powerful attack method.

Health and lives

In most of action games the main character has a few numbers of health and lives, which are help him to finish the level and defeat the boss. When player get out of the lives he dies.

Top action games of all time 

  • Bloodborne 
  • God of war
  • Dark Souls
  • Fortnite
  • Grand theft auto
  • Player unknown battleground
  • Call of duty

There are many more games and by which you can entertain yourself in free time.