What Are The Main Health Issues In Teenagers Nowadays?

What Are The Main Health Issues In Teenagers Nowadays?

What Are The Main Health Issues In Teenagers Nowadays

It is a question asked by parents all across the country; teenagers face more health issues than any other age group. With every passing year, there are more teenagers with diabetes, higher blood pressure, and obesity. 

Teenagers are more likely to smoke tobacco and develop depression.

What Are The Primary Diseases And Conditions Which Teenagers Face? 

Among the common age-related conditions, heart disease, dental problems, skin and hair loss are the most common ones. The state of teenagers is also affected by:

  • The increasing consumption of drugs,
  • Teenage pregnancies, 
  • Drinking alcohol

All these factors increase the possibility of developing any one of the health issues at a later stage.

How Do You Prevent The Condition From Developing? 

The only way to prevent the disease from forming is to provide the proper nutrition to the teenager, starting at a very young age. The child must receive excellent food from the very beginning of their life. 

Through their diet, regular exercises, and interaction with their parents.

What are the common signs of overweight and obese children? 

Usually, overweight children become obese in their adults. When a child reaches puberty, they will begin to increase their daily food intake. 

Some teenagers resort to eating more sugary foods;

  •  They feel that sugary foods help them cope with puberty’s weight gain. Most teens resort to eating large amounts of junk food;
  •  They consider this type of diet easy to manage and does not cause severe side effects.

Some teenagers also begin to engage in excessive weight training. 

Impacts of intense weight training.

Intense weight training can lead to severe health risks such as diabetes, high blood pressure, heart disease, stroke, and osteoporosis. 

We can’t answer you in a single word of this question,

 “What type of main health issues in teenagers?”

Teenagers have always been prone to becoming inactive; because they are usually interested in fashion trends and trying new hairstyles. 

  • They do not participate in any physical activity, so teenagers need to develop an interest in exercise. 
  • Exercise should be an integral part of a teenager’s lifestyle.
  • Exercising helps to reduce weight gain, increases bone strength, and helps to improve general well-being.
  • Overweight and obese teenagers become susceptible to developing psychological disorders such as depression and anxiety. 
  • They tend to avoid seeking treatment for their conditions; because they do not want to feel bad about themselves.

 Often, a teenager’s family doctor cannot detect these problems, or they may not know how to treat them. 

It is why parents need to become fully informed about their child’s current health situation and take every possible step to prevent further weight gain and medical complications.

Exercising And Eat Healthily

Teenagers usually lead hectic lives, which leaves little time for exercising or to eat healthily.

  •  Lack of attention to your overall health leaves you vulnerable to developing several health conditions. 
  • Teenagers are more likely to gain weight than other people; because they consume more foods with higher calories. 
  • They need to learn to eat wisely; to stay healthy.
  •  It is recommended that teenagers understand the importance of exercise and how much physical activity can help them lose weight.

Impact on Teenagers

Teenagers who smoke often have an increased chance of developing tobacco-related diseases such as lung cancer and throat cancer.

  •  In addition, they may be prone to developing depression and anxiety as they get older. 
  • Adolescent girls are more likely to engage in sex during their early teen years, leading to increased vaginal bacterial infections. These infections pose a serious threat to long-term health.
  • Overweight and obese teenagers are more likely to develop psychological disorders such as depression and anxiety. 
  • They are also at greater risk of developing substance abuse problems and engage in risky behaviors such as drug use, unprotected sexual intercourse, and alcohol abuse. 
  • Teenagers who suffer from eating disorders may gain weight due to increased carbohydrate consumption, resulting in obesity, one of the leading causes of many illnesses in adults.
What are the main health issues in teenagers? 

Those mentioned above include only some of the most common or obvious ones. There are numerous other issues that teenagers may face. Parents and other concerned adults need to be aware of any severe or recurring symptoms their children may be facing.

There Are Many Known Health Issues In Teenagers. 

These include heart problems, allergies, osteoporosis, and bone fractures. 

 We will see that they are smoking, drinking, obese, and sexually transmitted diseases (STD).

 Let us see some of these significant diseases one by one:

Teenagers smoke because they want to be cool and stay away from the incredible people in their peer group. 

  • Many adolescents start smoking when they turn thirteen or fourteen years old because they want to be like their older brothers and sisters.
  • Teenagers smoke because they want to have something to do when they feel lazy. Teenagers do not exercise regularly and eat badly. When you eat poorly, your body cannot lose excess weight. 

So, instead of eating healthy foods, teenagers choose fatty foods which add to the body fat percentage.

Also, teenagers smoke because they want to have something that tastes good. When you smoke, your lungs will get damaged because of the nicotine.

  • Teenagers are also prone to diseases like diabetes and heart problems. Some teenagers develop mouth, nose, and throat infections due to smoking.
  •  When your lungs are damaged, the amount of oxygen in your blood will decrease. It will lead to problems related to your breathing, such as asthma and COPD (Chronic Obstructive Pulmonary Disease). Therefore, smoking can cause a lot of issues in your body.
  • Teenagers do not exercise properly and eat unhealthy food. When your body does not get enough energy, you will become tired quickly. It may result in a lack of concentration, and you may get into accidents.
  • Teens usually do not exercise because they are afraid of losing their cool. When you do not exercise, your mind will be distracted from other important things. And you cannot perform your best at school or work.
  • Teenagers have less sleep compared with other people. You may not know that teenagers smoke more because they have no idea about the harmful effects of smoking. 

They think that it is alright to smoke because it helps them relax and feel calm. It would help if you always tried to convince your teenager about the ill effects of smoking.

Teenagers have more chances of getting heart diseases and cancer. 

Some teenagers smoke because they are depressed and sad. Sometimes, depression may lead to suicidal thoughts. 

To avoid these severe health issues, you should talk to your teenager about the harmful effects of smoking.

Proper Care is required 

If you care about your teenagers, you should make sure that they are away from smoking. Make sure that your teenager does not bring cigarettes wherever they go. 

It would help if you also asked them to do some responsibilities for their welfare. I believe that teenagers can be as healthy as children.

Some teenagers take smoking as a way of relaxing. 

It is the reason why they do not feel tired quickly. If you want to give up smoking to your teenagers, you may have to consult with your doctor.

Excessive Weight Loss

Excessive weight loss is a problem which is faced by most teenagers nowadays. It is hard to control excessive weight if your teen is smoking or overeating. Their surroundings often influence teenagers, and they may start to smoke and eat more than their bodies need.

In Conclusion:

There is no one answer for this but one thing for sure, youngsters smoking has terrible effects on their health. If your son/daughter is smoking and he/she is suffering from stomach and lung cancer, then I think you should stop it right away. Teenagers need help in quitting the habit.

Teenagers have to make their own decision as to whether they want to live healthily or die through smoking. If your child is planning to start smoking. Make sure that you support them and offer all the options they can choose. 

Remember, teenagers have the chance of quitting smoking through natural methods, and you have to make your mind up about it.